Honored to be on 04 January 2021

I am proud to share that my profile is now on, a website featuring developments regarding buckling of shell structures as well as the people who substantially contributed to the field.
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Our journal article has been published in Computers & Structures 15 October 2020

I am happy to share that our article “Dynamic analysis of doubly curved composite panels using lamination parameters and spectral-Tchebychev method” has been published in Computers & Structures. In this paper, we built a modeling framework for the dynamic analysis of doubly curved composite panels. The proposed framework combines the computational efficiency advantages of both lamination parameters formulation and spectral-Tchebychev method. Besides the developed methodology, our novel results give insight on the optimal dynamic design of doubly curved shells.
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Our ICRA 2020 paper is now online 15 September 2020

Our paper “Calibrating a Soft ERT-Based Tactile Sensor with a Multiphysics Model and Sim-to-real Transfer Learning” has been published in the proceedings of 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). In this study we introduced a new method for calibrating soft ERT-based tactile sensors using sim-to-real transfer learning with a finite element multiphysics model. The model is composed of three simple models that together map contact pressure distributions to voltage measurements. We optimized the model parameters to reduce the gap between the simulation and reality. Our results show that the developed calibration technique can be utilized for improving the sensing performance of ERT-based tactile sensors.
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Presented two work-in-progress posters in EuroHaptics 2020 10 September 2020

EuroHaptics 2020, the primary European meeting for researchers working on haptic perception and technology, took place on September 6-9, in Leiden, Netherlands. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the conference organizers hybridized an in-person meeting with a virtual event. I found the opportunity to present two work-in-progress (WIP) posters that contain a part of our research that we have been conducting in the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. The conference was very succesful as it enabled exchange of ideas between researchers of the field and paved the way for potential collaborations.


New journal article has been published in Composite Structures 27 March 2020

I am glad to share that our article “Unifying lamination parameters with spectral-Tchebychev method for variable-stiffness composite plate design” has been published in Composite Structures. In this study we developed an effective framework for the analysis and optimization of the variable-stiffness composite plates. We exploited computational advantages of lamination parameter interpolation method and spectral-Tchebyshev technique to obtain a very efficient design tool.
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A Visit to Fethiye Science High School 03 March 2020

Today, Yasemin Vardar and I visited Fethiye Science High School to speak with the students about possible career paths in engineering and science. Impressed by the excellent questions that have been asked, we are convinced that a very bright generation is approaching!


Our journal article got published in Materials & Design 03 June 2019

I am happy to say that our article “Multi-objective optimization of composite plates using lamination parameters” has been published in Materials & Design. In this study we investigated multi-objective optimization of composite plates using lamination parameters. We aimed to provide insight on the conformity/conflict of multiple performance metrics by determining Pareto-optimal solutions for different problem cases.
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Presented work-in-progress poster at World Haptics Conference 2019 11 July 2019

I presented our work-in-progress poster entitled “High-Fidelity Multiphysics Finite Element Modeling of Finger-Surface Interactions with Tactile Feedback” at World Haptics Conference 2019 held in Tokyo, Japan. The diversity and quality of the studies demonstrated in the conference were absolutely fantastic!