New journal article has been published in Composite Structures 27 March 2020

I am glad to share that our article “Unifying lamination parameters with spectral-Tchebychev method for variable-stiffness composite plate design” has been published in Composite Structures. In this study we developed an effective framework for the analysis and optimization of the variable-stiffness composite plates. We exploited computational advantages of lamination parameter interpolation method and spectral-Tchebyshev technique to obtain a very efficient design tool.
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A Visit to Fethiye Science High School 03 March 2020

Today, Yasemin Vardar and I visited Fethiye Science High School to speak with the students about possible career paths in engineering and science. Impressed by the excellent questions that have been asked, we are convinced that a very bright generation is approaching!


Our journal article got published in Materials & Design 03 June 2019

I am happy to say that our article “Multi-objective optimization of composite plates using lamination parameters” has been published in Materials & Design. In this study we investigated multi-objective optimization of composite plates using lamination parameters. We aimed to provide insight on the conformity/conflict of multiple performance metrics by determining Pareto-optimal solutions for different problem cases.
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Presented work-in-progress poster at World Haptics Conference 2019 11 July 2019

I presented our work-in-progress poster entitled “High-Fidelity Multiphysics Finite Element Modeling of Finger-Surface Interactions with Tactile Feedback” at World Haptics Conference 2019 held in Tokyo, Japan. The diversity and quality of the studies demonstrated in the conference were absolutely fantastic!